Thank You Rebbe is a short film inspired by true events happened in the Chicago downtown Chabad community.

Initially it was supposed to be a tribute from a friend to another. Only in a second moment it evolved into a project of public interest. 

Synopsis. A Ba'Al Teshuva (a secular Jew that turns to embrace Orthodox Judaism) walks into a Chabad House to write a letter to the Rebbe OBM. Key moments of a life time unfold with an upbeat narrative. A man and woman are able to fill with meaning and joy every day, despite unfair challenges and pain.

It was produced in July 2016 and has received a warm welcome in the film festival circuit being selected and screened at the Glendale International Film Festival in Los Angeles, at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York and recently at the Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival in Santa Monica.

Disclaimer. This film does not pretend to present an accurate description of religious life. It is a narrative fiction and a tribute inspired by true events.

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