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Chicago, IL USA

Daniel Vital, writer & film maker


Written & Directed by               Daniel Vital

Music composed by                  Davide Tedesco

Producers                                   Tim Frank and Daniel Vital

Director of Photography           Tim Coghlan

Dan                                              David Kravitz
Ester                                            Rita Simon

Boy                                              Connor Norris
Jessica                                         Demetria Thomas
Chaya                                          Rachel Melius
Officer                                         Phil Stice
Waiter                                         Conner Meinhart
Daughter                                     Spencer Moss

Dinner guest 1                            Rick March
Dinner guest 2                            Alex Fisher
Mover 1                                       Emilio Rodriguez
Mover 2                                       Alejandro Cordoba

Cafe bg 1                                    David Langley
Cafe bg 2                                    Alessandra La Rosa

Casting                                       Onion Productions Casting
Casting Director                         Stephanie Potakis
Casting Assistant                        Kate McCoy

Unit Production Manager          Tim Frank
Assistant Director                        Patrick Mulvey
Camera Operator                       Timothy Coghlan
Camera Assistant                        Andrew Ramsay
Gaffer                                          Josh Taylor
Mixer/Recorder/Boom              Jon Weber

Costume/MakeUp                      Allie Long
Extras/Props                                Marika Engelhardt
PA                                                 Max Edidin
PA                                                 Erica Mendez
PA                                                 Maddie Rowin

Audio mixing                               Jon Weber
Editing & Color Grading            Daniel Vital

Niggun consultant                      Dovid Silverstein
Music composed by                   Davide Tedesco
Contrabass                                  Davide Tedesco
Piano and Cello                           Bruna Di Virgilio
Violin                                            Eloisa Manera
Sound engineer                          Stefano Spina
Recording studio                        Orlando Music / Milan

All copyrights reserved to Street Lamp LLC